Al Rucker

Entrepreneur. Host. Philanthropist.

Al Rucker is one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the city of Houston. Rucker is owner of several businesses, including the largest bail bonds brand in the city – Midtown Bail Bonds. Rucker is also owner of Premesi Wines, Earthly Delights, Vanguard Credit and Tax Services. His most recent business venture is Hattitude, a men’s hat, clothing and accessory store. Rucker is a respected author and also host of The Al Rucker Show which is currently syndicated in over 85 markets nationwide.
“I want people to see that anything is possible if you work hard and remain focused.” – Al Rucker

In 2015, Rucker was approached by KCOH, one of Houston’s more established talk radio stations, to become the host of a weekly talk show. Although he had no prior experience in radio, Rucker jumped at the chance due to his strong belief that the platform could be used to encourage and entertain all listeners from various walks of life.
A year into hosting his show at KCOH, he transitioned to Amazing 102.5 FM and expanded his audience to greater numbers. Each week listeners hear lively conversations with musicians, actors, politicians, community activists, entrepreneurs and others who have chosen the path of making an impact in their community through their respective field of choice.
Currently, The Al Rucker Show is produced both in Houston and Los Angeles, reaching over 6.2 listeners monthly.

As an entrepreneur, Al Rucker constantly strives towards prosperity and growth. He’s also making sure to give back to a generation of entrepreneurs set to emerge in the years to come. In a series of self-help workbooks authored by Rucker himself, he shares his in-depth knowledge on not only establishing a set of principles to follow along the path to entrepreneurship, but ways to achieve and maintain success.

Rucker is also the chairman and founder of The Al Rucker Foundation. In partnership with Morgan State University and the Fifth Ward Community Redevelopment Corporation in Houston, the foundation serves to uplift and empower youth in the community.